May 23, 2024

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Dusk in Silence – epic black metal from indonesia! (Interview)

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Dusk in silence - Black mtal from indonesia

Dusk in silence - Black mtal from indonesia

Just recently I discovered Dusk in silence and was immediately fascinated by their great epic classic black metal vibe! Even more though after discovering that the one man army comes from Indonesia, not exactly a typical country for Thanks for your time man! There is not much information about you out there. I really love your “Beneath the Great Sky of Solitude” release Beautiful black metal black metal!

Here my interview with DIS!

Thanks for your time man! There is not much information about you out there. I really love your “Beneath the Great Sky of Solitude” release Beautiful black metal!

Tell us a bit abound the Band! Is it a one man project? Or how many members are there? Since how long do you exist?

In advance, thank you for your appreciation, Greetings from Indonesia, brother!
Dusk In Silence is my one man project, I play all the instruments, vocal and drum programming on this album. This project started in 2014, but was on hiatus until 2019, finally I finished all the materials and released my debut album in 2021.

I see you are from Indonesia! How is it do be a black metal band in Indonesia?

Yes, I come from Indonesia.
You need to know that there are also a lot of black metal bands, many great bands such as Vallendusk, Pure Wrath, Choria, Warkult, etc. There are so many that haven’t been exposed.

How did you get to be a metalhead in Indonesia? Is there a metal scene?

Maybe many people don’t know the metal scene in my country, there are a lot of metal bands here. Death metal, thrash metal, brutal death, hardcore, punk, black metal, etc. There are also many scenes here, almost every city has a community. And the forum of the country there is INDONESIAN DEATH METAL which accommodates the death metal bands, and BLACK METAL NUSANTARA for the black metal bands, also there are many others!

What is your song writing process? I really love the atmospheric structure of your songs….

Thank you! Maybe the same as the others. At the time of writing songs I just blurted out what was in my head. Nothing in particular, Maybe starting from a guitar riff or a drum beat, basically the same as the others.

How about the lyrics? What are your subjects, what inspires you?

The lyrics I write are more about personal life, which I describe with metaphors.

Can you tell us an example of a song, what inspired you to write it and what it is about?

The song DEKAP in Indonesian language, the last track on this album.
It tells the story of “an empty soul who is lost and falls into silence”, the lyrics are very deep.

Do you plan on playing live?

Yes, I plan to perform with a session players.

What are personally your favourite metal bands and what music inspires you?

There are so many bands that I listen to, and of course, a lot of music that inspires me. One of my inspirations is Windir, Vallendusk, Woods of desolation, Saor, etc. There are many that I can’t mention one by one.

Dusk In Silence :

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