May 23, 2024

Metalphetamine – Hard metal mag!

Atmospheric black metal – my top 3 list of the week

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tar blossom

Nokturnal Mortum – To lunar poetry

A perfect pagan black metal album from Ukraine! I hope these guys are well now, their musical talent exceeds many other bands in the folk/black area. Stunning melodies melt with perfectly fitting and mainly slower paced melodic lead guitars while the riffs keep on pumping on a very steady and traditional approach.

Tar Blossom – Of Mountains and Suns

Stunning beautiful atmospheric black metal is coming with Tar Blossom from Greece! The country continues to impress me with their great music! This Album is definitely a highlight of melancholic yet strong riffs embedded into a 42 min journey between hope, rage and melancholy.

Minenwerfer – Alpenpässe

Great Black metal from the US! Very conservative for parts, yet involving a epic dynamic from slower parts and accoustic guitar, to strong and fast paced traditional black metal sections with atmospheric lead guitars.

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