May 24, 2024

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Cybergrind and Projectile vomit syndrome

Cybergrind and Projectile vomit syndrome

Yes. It is here. And it is a thing. Cybergrind. Back in the early days of 1987, when Napalm death released their debut album “Scum” and Terrorizer pushed the good old Grindcore with their legendary debut “World downfall” to world underground fame we thought we had discovered the hardest and most weird shit on the planet. Nobody really thought this genre would survive for much longer than a few drunken years in the Pit and even some hardcore metalheads had no idea what to do with the oftenely just a few seconds long songs of Napalm Death on e.g. the legendary Earache release of John Peels “Peel Sessions”.

Now, more than 30 years later, Grindcore stays strong and even managed to incarnate in the digital universe with Cybergrind, a strange mixture between the original grindcore, noisecore, electronic and whatever shit can emit some form of analog or digital sound.

Some releases lean more towards some digitally produced trash Albums, some feature the metal typical classic guitars and screams, other keep it purely electronic. As weird as this sub-genre is, as little defined it is. Here some outstaning releases:

Alien Anti-Fascism

The style of this chilenan production portraits the genre pretty well, presenting a mess made of all available elements, fusing analog and digital sounds sources into the characteristic cybergrind noise.


Analshit follows a much more conservative and fundamentalistic approach. The source of the distorted tunes It is not really recognizable anymore apart from some chiptune style Blasts. The perfect soudntrackm for a relaxing bathtub after a long day!


Definitely on eof my favorites of the genre. You might call it a mixup of Blackmetal with Chiptunes. But then, who gives a shit about categories and genres?


Drazel definitely likes to keep it more on the digital side of things. Drazel is actually one of the proyect I listen to while working. At times it reminds me of a mixture of Deutsch Nepal and Autechre or makes me think of the late 90s Teknoir Samplers with oftenly obscure and abstruse beats and vibes.


A more advances approach is presented by Gigantic Brain. Well produced and more leaning to the metal side of things interrupted by Nirvana like guitar tunes their S/T release is a refreshing version of traditional extreme metal.


It took me a while to identify the background noise as attempted grunts! If I would be to name a separate genre for this album I would call i “Bufoteninecore”. “Bufo Bufo” is the latin name of the famous Toad excreting the psychedelic 5-Meo-DMT on her backskin.


Self defined as “pukedelic slam disco” these guys reach new heights in creating genuine and pure cybergrind with a actually very balanced mixture of analog and digital. You gotta love èm!

Of course there are numerous projects to discover and it is impossible to include all great releases here, however, I am sure anybody interested will have a great time diving down the youtube rabbit hole of cybergrind 🙂

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